Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Meeting with Greenport, NY Reverse Mortgage Lenders

As one of Suffolk County’s leading reverse mortgage lenders, Senior Reverse Network has been helping residents of Greenport, NY secure their finances and prepare for their retirement for years. If you are a homeowner who is at least 62 or older, or you’re approaching this age, a federally-insured HECM reverse mortgage, a proprietary or a single-purpose reverse mortgage loan can allow you to turn the equity in your home into cash. If you’re interested in learning more about this unique financial tool, meeting with brokers from reputable reverse mortgage companies is the first step. At Senior Reverse Network, our team of friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced licensed loan officers can guide you through the process. For more information and to arrange a consultation, reach out to us today!

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Meeting with Reverse Mortgage Lenders in Suffolk County

Like anything else that concerns your finances, the decision to get a reverse mortgage loan is a big one. Determining if it’s the right option for you requires careful consideration. Before you start making arrangements to meet with reverse mortgage providers, below, you’ll find some important questions you should ask yourself first to help you determine if this type of loan is the right option for you.

Why do I want to apply for a reverse mortgage?

When it comes to your finances, you need to make the soundest decisions. Before you apply for any type of reverse mortgage loan – proprietary, single-purpose, or a home equity conversion mortgage (HECM), consider why this financial tool would be beneficial for you. Carefully assess your current financial situation, your plans for retirement, and how you intend on using the funds you’ll receive from a reverse mortgage loan to determine if it would be beneficial for you, and if so, which type of loan would work best for your specific needs. For example, if you have an immediate need for cash – to pay for a home improvement or to consolidate your debt, for example – a fixed-rate single-purpose loan that will distribute your funds as a single lump sum may be the best option for you; however, if you are interested in applying for a reverse mortgage loan so that you can build up a cash reserve or have access to more funds later on in your retirement, an adjustable-rate HECM loan with a fixed line of credit might be a better choice, as its value will increase over time.

Do I really understand how a reverse mortgage works?

The process that’s involved with attaining a reverse mortgage is a lot different than the process of taking out a forward mortgage (the type of loan you took out when you purchased your Greenport, NY home). The way in which this loan is repaid differs completely, as well. Make sure you take the time to sit down and fully research reverse mortgages so that you know how the process works and what your financial responsibilities will be. Of course, reputable Suffolk County reverse mortgage lenders can also explain the process and answer any questions that you may have.

Will I be able to keep up with my financial responsibilities?

When you take out a reverse mortgage loan, while you won’t have to make a monthly mortgage payment, you do still have to pay other home-related expenses, such as your homeowner’s insurance, your property taxes, and the cost of maintaining your property. If you are unable to do so, you could end up facing foreclosure down the line. Calculate your other expenses and assess your finances to determine if you can maintain these obligations.

Have I spoken with my loved ones?

While the decision to involve your family in your decision to get a reverse mortgage loan is ultimately up to you, it’s highly recommended that you do speak with your spouse, children, and any heirs. This is especially true if your spouse intends on living in the house after you pass away if you are planning on leaving your children an inheritance or your heirs would like to live in or sell your residents after you pass away. While these situations may still be possible when you take out a reverse mortgage, it’s a good idea to discuss the decision with your loved ones so that they are fully aware of what to expect in the future.

How long do you intend on living in your home?

The amount of proceeds you’ll receive from a reverse mortgage loan depends heavily on the amount of time you intend on owning the property. That’s because the loan is due, in full, when you permanently leave your home. As such, if you plan on selling or relocating soon after you take out a reverse mortgage, you won’t be able to take full advantage of all of the benefits this type of loan can offer, and in fact, you could end up spending even more money.

Am I in good health?

It may be morbid to think about, but death is a fact of life and something that does need to be considered when you’re planning your retirement. Of course, you hope that you will live a long, happy life and while nobody has a crystal ball that will tell them when they’re going to reach the final destination, your current health could help you determine whether or not you should proceed with a reverse mortgage. As mentioned above, this type of loan is due in full when you permanently leave your home, which includes death. It isn’t pleasant to think about, but if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, proceeding with a reverse mortgage loan may not be the most prudent idea.

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